Motorscooter driving lessons A2

Motorscooter Driving lessons A2

The scooter is a popular means of transport today, both for private use and for commuting.

Advantages Motor scooter driving license A2 (code 78)


  • Easier and cheaper!
  • You never have to switch! Only accelerate and brake!

  • Less lessons are required for the vehicle control exam!

  • Easily avoid traffic jams and park in the city!
  • In the future electric driving is more economical and cleaner for the environment.
  • Good alternative to the second car, no expensive purchase, less costs!

Rates for motorscooter lessons at Driving school Ed Ishak

Drive on a new Piaggio Beverly 350 cc

  • Attractive design
  • Unique style
  • Comfortable
  • Dynamic
  • Viable
  • Outstanding performance
  • Safe: with high wheels and equipped with ABS

Why opt for Ed Ishak Drivingschool?




More than 30 year experience


High pass rate




You drive on a good taken care of Piaggio Beverly 350 cc

Enjoy cruising through the city, in your own car, or in someone else’s. You know you’re driving responsibly because you were taught by Ed Ishak.

Driving school Ed Ishak

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