Motorcycle riding lessons

A motorcycle driving license is your key to flexibility in Amsterdam traffic

While the motorcycle is the ultimate symbol of freedom, it is very important that you take the correct safety measures. That’s why you should look for a good driving instructor, someone who can show you what to look out for when you hit the road on your own. This will also make it easier for you to get your driving license. Ishak Driving School is a member of the KNMV, and therefore offers high-quality courses.

Motorcycle driving license exam

In order to obtain your motorcycle driving license, you must thoroughly know the rules of the road. You can pass your first exam with your driving license. You can pass your theory for the 2nd exam.


Rates for motorcycle driving lessons at Ed Ishak Driving School

Conditions expedient course:

  1. At an intake it is measured whether you are suitable for the expedient course.
  2. Passed your motor theory exam or make sure you will pass it immediately.
  3. You must be in possession of an AVB and theory exam

Take your exam from your 18th in Amsterdam

You can take a driving exam for your motorcycle when you are an adult. There are 3 categories for your motorcycle license, for which different rules apply. For each higher category you have to take an exam again.

When can you take the practical motorcycle exam?

From the age of 18 you can take the CBR CBR vehicle control and traffic participation exam on a light motorcycle (A1).

From the age of 20 you can take the exam on a medium engine (A2).

And from the age of 21 on a heavy engine (A) ( *bron:

Different requirements apply to this. And you must be declared healthy enough to drive safely.

You can read all information about the motorcycle license on thewebsite van het CBR and in this brochure.

3 exams are taken to obtain your motorcycle license:

  • Motor theory-exam
  • General vehicle control
  • General traffic participation

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