Expedient course motorcycling in Amsterdam IJburg

Seeking an expedient course motorcycling in Amsterdam IJburg?

You can’t wait to drive through the streets of Amsterdam on your own motorcycle? Then get you motorcycle license quickly at Ed Ishak Car & Motorcycle Driving School near Amsterdam IJburg. Thanks to this driver’s license you are confident on the road. Getting a driver’s license seems to take a lot of time, but it doesn’t have to always be like that. With a motorcycling expedient course you will learn all the tricks of the trade in no time.



If you want to get your motorcycle license faster, you can participate in our special expedient course. Hereby you get twelve lessons of 60 minutes in two days. So in a short time you have twelve practical lessons for the motorcycle in your pocket. In addition, an AVD exam is also part of this package. In order to participate in an expedient course, you must meet a number of conditions. You must be in possession of an AVB and theory exam. Have you taken care of that? Then, at the end of your expedient course you can participate in your motorcycle practical exam. Than, you got it, your motorcycle drivers license.


You learn best from teachers who know what they are doing. That’s why we only have experienced instructors that know exactly what knowledge a motorcyclist must have. This is how we ensure that the motorcycling expedient course is always a success. So do you want to feel the freedom that a motorcycle brings? And do you want to get your driver’s license as soon as possible? Please contact us for motorcycling driving lessons in Amsterdam IJburg and surroundings. Of course you can also contact us for a first trial lesson with the motorcycle.

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Enjoy cruising through the city, in your own car, or in someone else’s. You know you’re driving responsibly because you were taught by Ed Ishak.

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